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Good Day, During the course of last month (Oct 2018) I proceeded to cancel my home unlimited 4mbs service with specific instructions to have the services cancelled on and only on the 30th November 2018, as of the 17th of November my services were cancelled and I have been left with no internet connectivity. This has caused serious complications for myself and the 4 others I live with as we require this connection for research and access of information during this exam period and well as for Theses research, I have spent many hours on the phone to Telkom over the last 4 days going as far and using all my 3 hours of airtime during this time and I no one has since found a solution and I find my self being passed on from department to department going in circles with no one able to give me answers, I have also resorted to going in store with the same result. As the internet is such a vital tool to me and my house mates for the above mentioned reasons we have been forced to buy additional data to fulfil our needs at exorbitant additional costs for students. I therefore request that 1. Someone with appropriate knowledge and authority can finally answer my inquiry 2. Come to some sort of agreement whereby I will be compensated for the losses I have been forced to incur as a result of Telkoms incompetence. I expect this message to be passed on to appropriate management and to be contacted accordingly due to the seriousness of this situation as mentioned above. Regards Kyle Land

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I have had the same problem. That's what Telkom do - I'm sure the telecopmms people have been instructed to do so so... pass a customer around in order to frustarte them so they hang up. It's incredibly annoying, not to mention expensive at this rate, charging you for a service you are not even experiencing and simply not giving a **bleep**.


Telkom are in the money-making business. Another corrupt parastatal organisation! Convenient that they only have a shop-front of assistants and you can never speak to any managers! 


They position themsleves as 'caring' and 'there for you' but not being able to cancel is appauling by any standards. I tried to cancel in February and went through exactly the same process. AND GOT BILLED IN THE MEANTIME, despite diosconnecting our phone.


How is an elderly person meant to deal with this on a pensioners wage? We are out of pocket having to pay these bastards to avoid being blacklisted and keep a good credit rating, yet it's daylight robbery on their side.


We should all stand up and sue the **bleep** out of them!

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