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DSL Router Sync problems

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Hi Everyone


Hoping I can get some help here.  ADSL line was fine until I returned from holiday 05.01.2019, downhill from there.  The line doesn't sync properly.  I have had a technician out repeatedly, the eventual diagnosis was the router being the issue.  The tech left his router with me, and we had great internet for four days.  I went to a Telkom shop, bought a state of the art router (tech confirmed it was better than his) aaaaaaand we're back with the same issues.  My 10mb line is running at 2 or 3 mb and connection drops often, which interferes with streaming and gaming.  I phoned Telkom this evening, they optimized the line, it went great for an hour and now we're back to terrible speeds and connection drops.  My ISP is Afrihost.


Below is the stats from my router, but I have no idea how to read it.  Can anyone assist in pointing out what the issue may be?


Statistics -- xDSL
Line Standard:G.992.5_Annex_A
Current Rate(Up/Down):332/3425 kbps
Max Rate(Up/Down):367/4392 kbps
Noise Margin(Up/Down):7.6/5.1 dB
Line Attenuation(Up/Down):17.3/25.2 dB
Output Power(Up/Down):12.4/21.5 dBm
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