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DSL line syncs OK, but unusable



Hi all


I've been having a problem sorting out a line issue at my mother's place. She has a 1Mb line, and is using an ASUS DSL-N10 with latest firmware.


The line stats look like this


Update Counter : 14650
Modulation : G.Dmt
Annex Mode : Annex A/L
Line State : up
Lan Tx : 1289743
Lan Rx : 1185618
ADSL Tx : 84368
ADSL Rx : 81422
CRC Down : 26281
CRC Up : 0
FEC Down : 0
FEC Up : 0
HEC Down : 0
HEC Up : 28256
SNR Up : 7.0
SNR Down : 32.0
Line Attenuation Up : 31.5
Line Attenuation Down : 40.5
Data Rate Up : 192
Data Rate Down : 1280


Now, the upstream SNR looks quite low to me, but as I understand it, 7.0 should be just barely enough for a functioning 1Mb line. 


I have done the usual cleaning of contacts, moving all electric appliances away from the copper line, etc and the line is basically unusable. Sometimes, during the early hours of the morning, it works, but during the day, I can't even browse the web. Any ideas on what might be the issue?


I've asked her to get Telkom out multiple times, but since I'm not here when they are, she's not entirely sure how to explain the issue to the tech, so he probably checks for sync and assumes the line is ok.



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Re: DSL line syncs OK, but unusable

The only thing that looks weird is the CRC down counter.  That would be cylinder redundancy checks and basically indicates errors on the line.  I would ask whether they can recreate the ports for you....  not sure what else would cause that amount of errors... the SNR is good above 6.  I have a line that is even below 6 continues to function ok. 

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Re: DSL line syncs OK, but unusable

Thanks, j0766. Will try log a fault again.
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Re: DSL line syncs OK, but unusable

Good morning. May I ask a question please. I have a similar problem in that sync looks ok yet signal drops. May I ask what test do you run to get the results you posted above? I also have a 4Mb line yet running the Telkom speed test I get 2 mb download and 0.47 mb upload with a 87ms ping. 


I would sit right next to the router and get dropped signals. I have a DLink router. 


Any other advice or "training a dummy" info is appreciated. 

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