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Disgruntled Customer



My ADSL and Telephone line has not been working since 29th December 2017. Its been over a month and when ever we phone Telkom they are saying they either escalting it over and over again.


From once a week follow ups ,  i started doing thrice a week follow ups but no change.


Telkom is a beast that really doesnt care........


Hope Telkom replies to this and provide a valid reason why they havent sent a technician out......





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Re: Disgruntled Customer

Hi @avinash85


Sorry to hear this , very frustrating not getting proper feedback . Unfortunately the community can’t help with service issues (we’re customers like you), but try posting your fault ref with details & dates on one of Telkom social media channels - their dedicated support teams are good and can usually escalate and/or send you more useful feedback :-


Facebook: TelkomZA
Twitter:   @telkomza

Also email the same details to support@telkom.co.za ( my issues were fixed after that )

Hope this helps, good luck .

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Re: Disgruntled Customer

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Wow, I thought I wasthe only one. We went away for December holidays and came back on the 29th of Dec, reported the on the 30th of Dec 2017, now its almost mid february 2018 , nothing from Telkom. when I call them, they say the issue is being ecalated. I am really frustrated with Telkom, contacting them via Twitter, did not help me, can anyone please suggest an affordable satellite internet service perhaps? I am planning to never have a telkom line going into my properties again. Telkom has no competion when it comes to ADSL tot he home and that makes them **bleep**, I am angry hoping to never ever use Telkom for anything.

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