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Dlink DSL-G2562DG Slow Connection

I have upgraded from 10Mb ADSL to 20Mb ADSL. I received my new router Dlink DSL-G2562DG.

I Tested my connection first on my old router Dlink  DSL-2750U and test speed DL was 17Mb/s.

Disconnected old modem connected new modem , the tested ,only got 5Mb/s.

Reconnected old modem , tested again , got 16Mb/s.


Does anyone have any advise? I think it as only a setting , but it is set as default.

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Re: Dlink DSL-G2562DG Slow Connection

[ Edited ]


FYI - I needed to upgrade to the latest Firmware which I got of D-link site. Now syncing at 20Mbs and overall runs better .


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Re: Dlink DSL-G2562DG Slow Connection

Hi @Corra


Thanks for update, good to know you came right & well done finding your solution !

Could you please mark your last post ' solved ' to help others who may have the same issue ...thanks. 

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Re: Dlink DSL-G2562DG Slow Connection



Can you help me with the firmware update and how to get it. My D LINK DSL-G2562DG router speed has gone so slow. The router isnt even two months old. Telkom doesnt want to replace it but they want to take it for 21 days and then if they cant fix it they will supposedly replace it. apparently only they do the firmware updates. So mad and as always they are not helpful.


It would be greatly apprciated


Thank you

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