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Dlink DSL-G2562DG Slow Connection

I have upgraded from 10Mb ADSL to 20Mb ADSL. I received my new router Dlink DSL-G2562DG.

I Tested my connection first on my old router Dlink  DSL-2750U and test speed DL was 17Mb/s.

Disconnected old modem connected new modem , the tested ,only got 5Mb/s.

Reconnected old modem , tested again , got 16Mb/s.


Does anyone have any advise? I think it as only a setting , but it is set as default.

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Re: Dlink DSL-G2562DG Slow Connection

[ Edited ]


FYI - I needed to upgrade to the latest Firmware which I got of D-link site. Now syncing at 20Mbs and overall runs better .


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Re: Dlink DSL-G2562DG Slow Connection

Hi @Corra


Thanks for update, good to know you came right & well done finding your solution !

Could you please mark your last post ' solved ' to help others who may have the same issue ...thanks. 

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