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Do Elite VDSL but getting ADSL



I have the Do Elite package that advertises thsat you get an VDSL line of up to 20Mbps

But I checked in the setting of the VDSL modem that I am in fact getting ADSL2+ and not VDSL.


My question is should I complain about this because I am geting 16Mbps DL and 0.9Mbps UL. And will I get better performance if I am switched to VDSL?


Please Advice

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Re: Do Elite VDSL but getting ADSL

@Bruce you are right, you will get better performance if the line is stable, because ADSL2+ has 1mbps uplink and VDSL has 2mbps. I have heard from friends that when upgrading you, they dont always realize that they must switch you from ADSL2+ 20mbps to VDSL 20mbps.


you should contact the call centre and get it changed

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Re: Do Elite VDSL but getting ADSL

Fixed. I was PMed by one of the telkom guys who looked at my problem and "swithed me to VDSL. My modem is now syncing using VDSL2 setting in the modem and I'm getting now 18Mbps DL and 3Mbps UL. The DL looks very stable infact more stable that when it was on ADSL2+. On ADSL2+ it use the go to 14Mbps and move slowly up to 16Mbps. Now its shoots straight up to 18Mbps and moves up to 19Mbps. I'm not so concerned about the upload but 3Mbps is a bonus for me. My ping is 21ms [image: Inline image 1]
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Re: Do Elite VDSL but getting ADSL

Hi. I have the same problem and contacted the customer center and logged an online fault that Telkom has not converted my line from ADSL to VDSL to no avail. Is there any other contact details to get the line changed?
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