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E-mail Account Hacked

Can anybody please assist me? Since last week sunday I have been receiving emails from my own email, saying that my account was hacked and I need to pay $800 to a BitCoin Wallet. I have changed my routers "user" and "admin" password, I have changed my Email's password, I have fully scanned my computer with multiple anti virus/malware/spyware programs, but still the problem persists. 

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Re: E-mail Account Hacked

email spoofing scareware just ignore it.

So long as you have good anti-virus then you're ok.

You only have to worry if you see attempts made to do EFTs etc from your bank then you may have a keylogger on your computer but again a good anti-virus will prevent this.

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Re: E-mail Account Hacked

We have the same problem. No virusses found, but we are not able to receive emails now. I can send however.
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Re: E-mail Account Hacked

i have also received a mail today sent via my own email with one of my passwords should i worry 

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Re: E-mail Account Hacked

@Comodo445I had the same issue, they even had an old password I had previously used. It was a bit freaky but I opted to ignore it becuase the details in the email about what he knew about me was false. There have been various hacks on major internet services where hackers steel a huge trove of customer usernames and passwords. These are shared on the net (dark web). Guys like this get hold of it and send out these emails in the hopes of phishing some info from you or scaring you into parting with some money. Check out this site to see if your email has ever been part of a major hack - https://haveibeenpwned.com/


That said, never click on any links in emails without checking that they actually direct to the said website, and never click on anything that sounds to good to be true. There are just to many legit scams on the net. Have a good anti virus and anti malware scanner as well.


Stay safe

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Re: E-mail Account Hacked

I get up to 250 emails per day telling me that my email to varoius addresses could not be delivered and the addresses are none that i have ever heard of.  How do i stop this ?  I have Kaspersky and Antispyware but they cannot find anything wrong

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