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New Member
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E-mail problems

Hi , Can anyone assist with the problem I am experiencing with outgoing e-mails

Outgoing mails not received by recepiant - sent item shows mail has been sent




Established Member
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Re: E-mail problems

Could be a number of problems. Try check the following below:


- Is their mailbox full?

- Do you get a reply saying that the mail was blocked?

- Is it only your mails that aren't being received?

- Does the person you are sending the mail to have data?

New Member
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Re: E-mail problems

Good day Neren,

We are having the same issues with our e-mails.

Have you found a solution yet?


Thank you,


Regular Contributor
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Re: E-mail problems

@TinaCartie @Neren normally when the email is in your sent items, it means that it left your ISP's mail server. The problem would then be with the recipients server.


Just make sure all on your side is correct. If you are with Telkom ISP then -

POP3 port 110 pop3.telkomsa.net

SMTP port 25 smtp.dsl.telkomsa.net  (or use smtp.saix.net)


Also check that your antivirus is not blocking SPAM




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Re: E-mail problems

I had the same problem and changed my outgoing mail server to smtp.saix.net (which does not require authentication) and my mails are now being received by the recipients.


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