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Email Problems

I have been successfully using Outlook 2003 to access my Gmail account until 2 days ago. Since then I am unable to send emails via gmail and only getting some of my incoming messages.

This is happening on both computers which connect via a Telkom Huawei 4G router on number 0814581234. It has not happened on my smartphone, so it appears to be something associated with that number. I keep getting an error message asking me to enter my network password but that does not work. The Port settings remain as 995 and 465 

There have been no changes to my Windows systems or to my Outlook settings. The Port settings remain unchanged at 995 and 465 for Gmail POP / SMTP and work on my smartphone but not via the router used by both PCs.


I have tried Telkom Help with no success even after holding the line for over 20 minutes yesterday, and today I got cut off as soon as I tried to explain the problem. Please can someone help me sort out this e-mail problem. Incidentally my other email account on the same router but connected to an IMAP server is working normally.



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Re: Email Problems

@Johnoe01 Perhaps try POP3 on port 110 and SMTP on port 25 using smtp.saix.net (no SSL or authentication)

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Re: Email Problems

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I did more research and found that Google
was the problem. They regard Outlook and Thunderbird as less secure apps
and without warning users just block communications using them. After
resetting my Google account to allow less secure apps my email works
normally and I got an avalanche of held messages.
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Re: Email Problems

I have been unable to use my Outlook for email receiving and sending since January 2016. Calls to Support have resulted in nothing but frustration, telling me eventually that the Outlook email platform is down and I should use doBroadband, which I have been doing since then. 


Lately even this has become more and more of a struggle. I sometimes give up trying to work with my emails. i'm starting to wonder if I'm wasting my money continuing with my ADSL internet account with Telkom.


the reason I am replying to this post is - how does Google account have an influence on Outlook's functioning? doesn't Outlook function as an independent program? I'd like to understand this.

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