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Excellent service from Salathiwe using online WebChat.

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Just want to say thanks to Salathiwe who helped me this morning on the Telkom webchat, the consultant was efficient and did exactly what was requested.  Wow, keep up the good work Salathiwe.


My line synced lower than supposed to and within a minutes is was all fixed.  I like it that INTR was kept ON as that does help stabilize the line, not sure whether it will keep ASSIA away :-) 


I also for the past year set my modem to G.DMT which also helps for those shaky lines.  Still whish for an MSAN in the area ;-)

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Re: Excellent service from Salathiwe using online WebChat.

Hi @agreylin, Thanks for the glowing compliment. I am sure to pass this on!



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