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FUP & Trottled

Please can someone shed light onto what I am to do in my current situation with Telkom ADSL

1. I have a 10MG line of which since September 2018 we have only been able to get up to 6MG - multiple faults was logged and I cannot count the amount of SMS's I received saying it has been resolved but if I still experience a fault to phone again.

It was so bad I just gave up with the idea at least we have internet.


2. Since Thursday last week we have not had more than 0.9MG on our line and then only 1 device is on. Again I phoned and logged a fault, Friday morning I again received an SMS that it has been fixed - NOPE!

Friday afternoon I phoned again, a new fault was logged, the weekend passed with then it's up then we have almost no speed (0.25MG) - Monday morning - same thing with the SMS

I then phoned again and was then told by the agent that she does not know why ourt speed is almost non existant but that her system shows we are on a Level 2 (I assume being trottled) between 18h00 - 22h00 and that on a level 2 the speed gets halved.

This is suppose to be 5MG not 0. whatever.

I then asked her to see how much data was used in the month and after holding another 15 minutes she came back to say 692GB (I have no idea how it can ever be so high but OK) I then asked her that the FUP is 900GB so why am I being trottled - again hold - she came back to tell me that her manager says I must phone the sales department to enquire as to why this is.


I have not phoned yet as calls to Telkom are aging me like crazy - can someone here maybe shed some light.

Until today we still have no solution



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