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Fiber Installation gone wrong.



Yesterday 14/06/2017 an Openserve technician came out to my house to install my 10Mb fiber, after pulling the fiber cables to my house he tested the fibers at the main man hole across the street and said there is no power on the fiber coming from the man hole where the main connection is. (The fiber backbone is powerless...)


Another technician that was working down the street confirmed this, so all fibers were removed from my house and said it will take another week or two for who knows who to fix the power issue on the fiber backbone before they (Telkom/Openserve) can come out again and do an installation. So What now, how long must I still wait??? Who's going to fix it and when?


I escalated this to Telkom and got an escalation reference number but still no answer on who must/will fix it and when....

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