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Fiber network full

Upon placing an order with Telkom for a 10mbps fiber line, after 2 weeks of no contact, we were sent an e-mail (prompted my complaints) that the OpenServe exchange in my has no more available splitters and they cannot install fiber to my home. I really need internet now as I am a university student and most of my classes are happening online due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Telkom either is unreachable or unhelpful on this matter. The option of Wireless internet is not good as it has a bad FUP and is susceptible to signal drops. Can someone please help me in any way with a contact number of a local installation team or someone I can get in contact with? I want the service they offer and advertise yet they cannot provide it, yet another huge let down on Telkoms part.

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Re: Fiber network full

@MatthewG Hi. I'm sorry to learn of this. I can imagine how frustrating this can be. please send me a private message with your ID number and contact details. I'll pass it on to someone that could assist. 

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Re: Fiber network full

Hi is this Fiber Optic is good for my Tv one live.

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