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Fibre Business Service

Our company switched over to Telkom Fibre last November and has experienced regular ongoing problems with this service from day one. In the past two weeks our Fibre Service has been down twice for continuous periods exceeding two days and has currently been down for three days. Barely a week goes by without us experiencing a Fibre outage in our area.


These service interruptions generally coincide with when a Telkom Technical has been working on the lines in our area.


We rely on our telephone and Internet communications to conduct business and cannot continue to operate on this basis as our business is suffering immeasurable loss as a result of this unreliable service.


We are considering switching back to an ADSL on a copper line or a wireless service provider.







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Re: Fibre Business Service

@PPA, Telkom via Openserve are aggresively installing Fibre in loads of neighbourhoods at the moment. It could be that you are experiencing teething issues, but I can assure you that fibre is the way to go. Once it is working, there wont be issues like what ADSL experiences such as noise, wet cables, stolen cables etc...  I would stick it out, but remember to keep logging a fault when you experience these issues.

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