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Fibre Installation in Apartment Block

Good Day All!


I hope that there is someone in this system that can give me, my neighbours and my landlord some insight into the ever grey area of the fibre installation process for apartment blocks.


So here we go!


The Situation:

I currently live in a small apartment building in Somerset West (12 units), while there is Fibre in the area that goes right up to the property, it is not installed to the apartments.


Logging installation requests with any ISP (Telkom, Afrihost, Mweb) leads to a waiting game where the fibre infrastructure provider (Open Serve) has to install fibre. However Open Serve is extremely tight-lipped on when they plan to do this and provide no information at all to my Landlord or myself.


What needs to be done:

Reading through other fibre providers documentation on Apartment installation guidelines (Open Serve has nothing) it looks like this problem rests solely with Open Serve as they need to come onsite and install a MULTI-DWELLING DISTRIBUSTION BOX (MDU) OR run 12 fibre lines (Like ADSL) after that apartment is considered covered by open serve and tenants can choose the ISP of their choice and install fibre to their apartments as if they were on their own property.


The Problem:

As stated this is an Open Serve problem and they are very difficult to contact and deal with, my landlord has been trying to deal with an individual at open serve who has been very unhelpful and has stopped responding to her emails.


The Solution:

Open Serve needs to make (PROPER) contact with the landlord (I have been assisting her with terminology and general tasks since I have been trying to get this done on my own anyway) and set an installation date.


Fun Facts:

The building has adequate ducting and even snake leads to install cabling, all the infrastructure that the apartment has to provide was installed years ago. Open server just needs to run a fibre line by existing channels, that’s really it.


Kind regards,

Internet lacking Nick that had to cancel his HOB account and is trying not to be spoiled by people that wathed GoT.

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