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Fibre: Soft cap Vs Uncapped

Good day,


I'm with 10MB speed and 100GB p/m and I would like to upgrade to uncapped.
Am I goiing to be softcapped if I reach a certain amount of data? 

I dont want to upgrade and then after 100GB or 200GB see my speed going down... 


Thank you.

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Re: Fibre: Soft cap Vs Uncapped

Yes you will be shaped once you reach your allocated FUP.

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Re: Fibre: Soft cap Vs Uncapped

[ Edited ]

Yes indeed so even though it's "uncapped" it's still capped!

Also they can't tell you when you'll be capped as it depends on the amount of data being used by your node including your neigbours.


They say they only look at peer to peer traffic but uncapped should be "all you can eat" like in Hong Kong or the UK.

I would stick with capped until the consumer watchdog in this country takes action to stop this rubbish.

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Re: Fibre: Soft cap Vs Uncapped

There is no such thing as "uncapped" in SA uncapped is capped to 100GB or 120GB depending on speed of connection

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