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Fibre Uncapped data running out thanks to incompetent Telkom staff!!

[ Edited ]

Upgraded from 10MB ADSL 100Gig Data p/m to Telkom 20mb Fibre Uncapped in January 2019.

Sunday night a got a message on my TV screen saying that I've only got 20 Gig data left as if I was still on the ADSL package.

I Inboxed Telkom on facebook who only replied on Tuesday saying that they'll get the necessary department to contact me which needless to say never happened.

Thursday my internet stopped and I got a message that my data has run out!

Phone 10210 and they tell me to go to the nearest Telkom store as it's after 5 pm.

At the Telkom store in Tygervalley, they do a call back request and the operator that calls me tells me that Telkom has upgraded me to Uncapped Fibre but never changed my TIN from Softcap to Uncapped.

The operator couldn't help me and said he'll phone me this morning at 9 am which he never did.

So last night I had to buy data (4gig for R25) just to use the internet until the operator phones me this morning.

Tonight I bought 20 Gig for R99 cause the 4 Gig which I bought last night had run out and I doubt that they're going to fix this problem very soon as Telko doesn't seem to care or want to help me.

It's unacceptable that I have to buy data on an uncapped contract just because Telkom has incompetent staff that doesn't give a .... about their customers!

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