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Fibre bundled SIM catastrophe

More than two months ago i went to telkom direct Menlyn to claim the SIM bundled with my fibre line with 2gb free data. After one month the SIM was still not activated after numerous calls to telkom. On advice from a friend I went to woodlands telkom direct which restarted the process and gave me a new SIM but said there was an error in the issuance which had to be referred to IT. Its more than a month later now and still no joy. The SIM hooks up to the telkom mobile network but I can only use data that i buy, when that runs out there is no free 2gb to be seen. I am sick of calling their call centre as they don't know what to do. Last call got my hopes up but turned out it was a data bundle I bought and not the bundled data from my fibre contract. Fortunately my contract runs out in January which will allow me to jump ship but would be nice to get this working as it will probably save me the pain of jumping ship for a better deal as the SIM is the only part that makes the telkom deal sweat. Any advice how to get it fixed? 

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Re: Fibre bundled SIM catastrophe


Hi @tiaanwessels

So frustrating , but after that long runaround it may be worth a last try - log a fault at 10210 on the useless 2gb SIM and post the details to one of Telkom social media channels... their support teams apparently respond well .


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Mention what you were told at Woodlands Telkom Direct re. ‘ error in the issuance which had to be referred to IT’.
Hope you come right soon.

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