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Fibre go-live ETA

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Hello Telkom: 

You (contractors) rolled out fibre in my area, ie: MORELETA PARK. (yay!)

My address: **removed**


A letter distributed during installation provided an ETA of 1 AUG 2016.

It looks like the HAUWEI contractors are finished with their bit.


Availibility on your website still indicate: PLANNED.


Can you perhaps provide an inside scoop as to the progress of the project and a new ETA of when we can expect fibre in our neighborhood.

There's a lot of interest and exitment as seen here:


Thank you for your assistance.



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Re: Fibre go-live ETA

Hi @lcoetzee2, exciting times. I have sent your details to a team dealing with Fibre leads. Hopefully they can come back with some feedback.

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Re: Fibre go-live ETA

Hi, fibre in some areas for Moreleta Park went live last week. I applied and a technician came to install my fibre on the 24th  only to realise after everything was done that the fibre line is not active/patched at the exhange. You can use same forum thread as above for people having the same problem. Can you please investigate and resolve please?


Thank you.

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Re: Fibre go-live ETA

Hi, I have the same query as lcoetzee, I live in Dali Street. Can you please provide ,e with some additional information.

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Re: Fibre go-live ETA

@GettoElf, go to and check there. You can also fill in your details if you are interested. The more of us who show interest, the more attention they might give your area.

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