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Fibre in Faerie Glen Pretoria very unstable and bad

I am on a 20Mbps contract. 100Gb and "free after 12pm-7am"
Lately the following is happening:-
1) The D/L speed is totally random from 19.90Mbps to .06Mbps
2) The ping goes from 6 -3001
3) The U/P speed from 9.3Mbps - .04Mbps
4) My Cell phone constantly switches to mobile because the 3g is better than my fibre connection - yes it's a laugh isn't it.
The data is being used after midnight
I have to constantly reset my cr@py Telkom Aztech router

I'm sick of this and try put a complaint online and no success. I refuse to phone because I haven't the time to get no answer or shunted from pillar to post.

I was offered the line instead of Adsl because there is a pole and it was new in the area. I then upgraded over the phone and I have never agreed to or signed a 24mth contract, last time I phoned to complain they said I was on contract but this is BS as I have never agreed to and never will take a 24mth contract especially with them.

I think my 2yr is almost up though anyhow and I just want to forewarn anyone thinking Fibre is stable and trustworthy - it's not it's as random and trustworthy as Adsl with the only benefit being lightening isn't a risk.

Anyone else in Faerie Glen Pretoria suffering at the hands of Telkom/Openserve?

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Re: Fibre in Faerie Glen Pretoria very unstable and bad

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Well telkom/openserve is a joke. they ask more than other providers while having less performance. Tonight my internet is so slow getting timeouts when playing games and also websites loads extremely slow if at all including this one. So pathetic from Telkom and no one will help. I migh move just as well to another isp. but where do I go cause already 3 other isps I can't recommend


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Re: Fibre in Faerie Glen Pretoria very unstable and bad

So Openserve was here today and when he saw my Aztech router he said there's your problem. Also the red LOS light has never come on so I presume the line is fine.

STILL!!!! drops connection and varies on speed and on average it's below 3Mbps on a 20Mbps line.


Does anyone from Telkom ever answer or read these posts?


I am truly sick of this paying a fortune and getting rubbish.


Sort it out--PLEASE.

Here are some stats:- New router SAPS old router Fibre

id,date,download,upload,latency,network name,connection type,signal,lat,lon
138,16.02.18 19:54,1100,128,3001,SAPS,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
137,16.02.18 19:23,16659,9702,9,SAPS,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
136,16.02.18 18:20,836,13,462,SAPS,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
133,16.02.18 15:04,18513,9604,9,SAPS,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
132,16.02.18 13:34,18847,9689,8,Fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
131,16.02.18 09:58,18294,9645,13,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
130,16.02.18 08:27,12301,6314,16,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
129,16.02.18 07:47,18995,9538,46,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
128,16.02.18 00:20,1021,14,250,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
126,15.02.18 21:44,56,41,1099,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
125,15.02.18 19:31,2228,18,39,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
124,15.02.18 19:29,775,15,951,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
123,15.02.18 19:17,3147,22,3001,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
122,15.02.18 19:16,107,36,3001,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
121,15.02.18 19:05,3565,1664,575,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
120,15.02.18 19:03,2275,27,810,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
119,15.02.18 19:01,4916,2552,28,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
118,15.02.18 18:59,98,26,1170,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
117,13.02.18 07:07,11661,4727,14,fibre,wifi,2,0.0,0.0
116,12.02.18 23:31,14585,7709,13,fibre,wifi,2,0.0,0.0
115,12.02.18 20:26,8497,4070,716,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
114,10.02.18 15:06,12917,6526,11,fibre,wifi,2,0.0,0.0
113,10.02.18 13:23,19357,9607,12,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
112,10.02.18 08:36,8091,5032,72,fibre,wifi,2,0.0,0.0
111,10.02.18 01:29,1610,20,3001,fibre,wifi,2,0.0,0.0
110,10.02.18 01:09,3918,136,767,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
109,10.02.18 00:56,0,1934,0,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
108,09.02.18 01:47,8438,231,3001,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
107,09.02.18 01:42,5323,193,998,fibre,wifi,2,0.0,0.0
106,09.02.18 01:40,751,46,765,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
105,09.02.18 01:32,629,22,3001,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
104,09.02.18 01:29,1009,20,3001,fibre,wifi,2,0.0,0.0
98,15.01.18 22:52,19361,9727,11,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
97,09.01.18 10:37,309,414,8,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
96,23.12.17 07:23,19209,9767,11,fibre,wifi,3,0.0,0.0
95,22.12.17 23:24,18981,9727,262,fibre,wifi,2,0.0,0.0

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Re: Fibre in Faerie Glen Pretoria very unstable and bad


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