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Fibre installation done but not active!

Hi, fibre in some areas for Moreleta Park went live last week. I applied and a technician came to install my fibre on the 24th only to realise after everything was done that the fibre line is not active/patched at the exhange.


By browsing the forum I see other users have the same problem.


Can you please follow-up and provide feedback as there has been no response since last week from the Technician.

Thank you.

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Re: Fibre installation done but not active!

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I have exactly the same problem. The LOS light on my ONT just flashes red. The installer indicates that there's probably a problem between me and the exchange.


Mine has been this way for 49 days. I've been told that the "calbe jointers" should come and do some testing on my line, but I am unable to find somebody who can say when they can / will come out. 


Furthermore, my technician is not working at the moment (I think he's on leave?) so I'm not sure if anybody is even following up?

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