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Fibre line problems

I am one of those stupid cutomers who signed up for this "free installatiion" fibre in my area. after installation I experience the following problems with my line:

1. The speed fluctuates all the time

2. People phones me on the  landline gets the meassage  "telephone number does not exist"

3. The call centre support 10210 ask me to switch modems on and off and the latest one is: "ask your neighour for his instument"



The ADSL service was faster than this rubbish.!!!


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Re: Fibre line problems

Now perhaps the neighbour would be a bit put off if you knocked on his door and asked for his instrument

You may have got punched in the face and been called"moffy"

But imagine paying R2800 and then also getting punched in the face! Boet you are at least one up!


Okay jokes aside


Get a tech to site,,,,,,, pronto!


and then get him to test your hardawaara (you've got to say it)


I tell people all the time

1. Telkom does not talk to you (they are sub contractors to telkom that handle the support call center)

2. Fibre is new in SA and that install is going to have teething problems

3 A Fibre tech is the only person to help, not a phone tech, not an ADSL tech

4. Once it works, Fibre is like sitting in the driving seat of a Ferrari, Everybody else on any other system envies you!




Unca Paul

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