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Fibre upgrade from 10 to 20 mbps

I went to the Telkom store on 28 September to upgrade my speed and received a message that it was ready for use. Today is 2 October, 5 days in, and my Internet has been down ever since. I have been referred from technical to sales and then back again. Surely this should be a click of a button. If not up bycob today. I will cancel this service.
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Re: Fibre upgrade from 10 to 20 mbps

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Re: Fibre upgrade from 10 to 20 mbps



I was phoned to offer an upgrade from 10Mbps to 20 Mbps at basically the same price. Well, it is significantly more expensive, so we want to roll back. Only it is impossible to call the call center, there is just no agents available ever. Can someone suggest a way to do this? By the way we were told that during the lockdown we would receive double the speed, but that never happened. 


Looking forward to some advice. 

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