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For The Love Of God Please Help Me

Okay, here goes. Currently I have a Telkom Line in which I pay R210 a month (4MB) and I have a 3rd party ISP in which I pay for a 4MB 300GB a month Capped Line (R595).

Now here is where I flip a desk.

I want to upgrade my 4MB Package to a 10MB Package because my area does cover 10MB. My ISP tells me I should also phone Telkom and tell them they should upgrade my line aswell from a 4MB to a 10MB speed otherwise I will have a 10MB package but a Line supporting only 4MB.

I phone Telkom and ask them to upgrade my current line I have with them from 4MB to 10MB so that I can upgrade my package from my ISP to a 10MB package aswell.... They do not understand.

Long story short I phoned x4 and al x4 operators told me they can not upgrade my line. I just upgrade my package and it should automatically jump from 4MB to 10MB. I ask my ISP to upgrade my package and they ask me did I upgrade my Telkom line as well?? Gaaaaarrrruugghhh

Please tell me what is going on. All I want is to upgrade from 4MB to 10MB...how do I go about this. Someone shed some light into this please
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