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Gaming lag and inefficient connectivity

Seems my internet connection from my console (xbox 360) is having a tough time establishing a solid connection with telkom, keeps kicking me out of my xbox live account thus cannot play any games online. Started happening suddenly, Thursday 10 May 2018, nearly a year into my data plan without any problem what-so-ever. Am looking to upgrade my console soon but telkom needs to fix this probelm especially if they not mentioninbg about it.

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Re: Gaming lag and inefficient connectivity

Hi @Knightimraan89


Not sure if yours is the same issue but Telkom apparently working on APN / DNS problems ,  you might find this MBB thread useful  ( Mumble server mentioned so perhaps also  why your xbox dropping connection  ) :-


Telkom Incoming Ports blocked - use 'unrestricted' APN



“It looks like Telkom may have silently introduced a unrestricted APN in the same way Vodacom has. We did a quick test here at the office and it appears to be working. If your router supports custom profiles under dial-up set the APN to: unrestricted and see if it works for you.” 


Hope it helps.

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