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HELP! Who Do I Need To Bribe Plz?

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I've put Telkom on HelloPeter, I've downgraded my ADSL, I've Upgraded again, I'm having problems again... So, anyway.


Ticket: 485crk160816


Almost two weeks ago from today I opened a ticket where I stated very clearly that I am MORE THAN HAPPY to pay a call out fee for a technician's time to visit me so that I may EXPLAIN my problem to them, because if I open one more ticket and get a confirmation that my problem has been solved without anyone asking me what my problem was in the first place I will probably end up in intensive care with a burst vein or from cardiac arrest. To date I have heard nothing. A week ago I phoned again and the call centre representative sent an e-mail to the technician and his / her manager, so apparently my ticket has been allocated to someone? Would it kill them to confirm receipt of my request and offer an, however vague, indication of where I am in their que? Or am I expected to simply have infinite faith and patience until the day comes when some feels like responding to my request?


Now maybe you're thinking 'Two weeks? What is this guy going on about?' ...But this is sadly only my most recent attempt in an ongoing series of problems stretching over the past 12+ months.  The initial problem, which this all started with was because my internet line was capped at half (like precisely 50%) it's possible speed, and after downgrades and upgrades it was only by chance that in my most recent upgrade I ended up speaking to a very competant young man at the Telkom Call Centre (not sure which one) who spotted what NO ONE ELSE SPOTTED - that they had every single time ONLY upgraded my profile speed and NEVER FIXED THE PORT SPEED. How are we supposed to know these things? And why didn't the first dozen people I spoke with pick that up? And of course, my calls to Telkom have ended prematurely each time where the landline goes completely dead while I have them on the phone so I can't even get their details - that's how problematic my line is.


So please, if anyone can provide me with the contact details of a senior person responsible for the Krugersdorp area who I can...provide a monetary incentive...to GET A REACTION on my ticket - you will be my hero. This seems to be the only path that Telkom has left me. 


I'm (trying to) run an internet dependent business via the ADSL line detailed in the ticket. I am also familiar with the technical aspects of ADSL technology so when I say 'I need a technician to come see me' - I mean it.


Telkom, in my unfortunate experience, is legendary in its ability to motivate overwhelming negativity from customers due to the helpless position they place them in, by barring their ability to contact the people who are capable of solving their problems. Whatever internal communication systems Telkom currently has in place between the people receiving the technical requests, and the people dealing with them, are enormously flawed.

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Re: HELP! Who Do I Need To Bribe Plz?

@BetterServicPlz unfortunately there is no Telkom staff in this forum, but lets see what we as Telkom customers can assist each other. so what is the problem currently with your internet?
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