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Account number 329902253682

I applied for an 8mb adsl line on the 5th of May 2017, the line only got installed on the 8th of June 2017. Then technician that installed the line said that it is only a 2 mb line, so I called 10213 and spoke to a consultant to rectify this, but he was no help what so ever and said the order needed to be closed before he can order an upgrade of my line. I proceeded to call the next day and spoke to a helpful consultant which said that she would order the upgrade and set an escalation and advised that it should take about 72 hours. 72 hours later still nothing, I then called again and was informed that there was no escalation on my order and there was no escalation process for upgrades of lines and that it would be done within 7 - 10 working days. I then took to Twitter and messaged @TelkomZA on the 9th of June 2017, with very delayed and generic responses there have still been no real answer for me and my line has still not been upgraded. This has been a horrible experience for me as my original application was for an 8mb line and I still sit with a 2mb line. AND im on the 9th working day and still no upgrade!!!!!!! AND they got my address wrong on my statement (which conveniently gets sent to me very quickly)

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Hi Darren.

I read your post and I have a friend who recently applied for a 2Mb uncapped DSL line with Telkom, as he enquired beforehand for his area, as to what line speed is avail. He was informed that he can apply for a 4Mb uncapped line, which he subsequently did. He waited a really long time, and from what I can remember is that when a Telkom technician came to install his line, he was told that there were no lines available and would need to go on a cable project, this was very upsetting for him and he asked to have his intial application cancelled. Well I don't know all the other details, but today he has his Telkom 2Mb uncapped line ( as that is all he can afford at this time) and he is happy with his service. I know it can get really frustrating, but i am sure your problem will be rectified soon, as for me personally, Telkom is trying really hard to make their customer experiences a whole lot better than they have been over the years. Just this portal and Community service is for me a Great addition. Hope that your solution to your problem is sorted out soon and for you to enjoy your service that you applied for. I am still not winning with my 4Mb home uncapped DSL service as I get speeds of less than 1Mb/sec and had the techincian out to rectify the matter recently. The problem persists?? I believe there might be a faulty underground cable ( has to be) but I am patient and will see what the outcome will be? 

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You sound suspiciously PRO Telkom, which is like finding a unicorn. I have been in the customer service industry for my entire working career and the "service" i am getting from Telkom is appalling! I have spent way too much of my time using multiple platforms of communication to retify an issue that should not have been an issue in the first place.

I have been given a different story everytime I call or get any feedback from a Telkom representative, so no, Telkom is NOT trying very hard to make their customer experiences a whole lot better than they have been over the years.

This is 2017 and a 2 MB line is not sufficient and once there is an alternative, I will be one of the first to move away from a Telecom monoploy that has zero interest in making sure their customers are happy and provided with what they applied for initially. 

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