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Has telkom collapsed?

It seems like telkom has offically collapsed and is no longer able to provide services to clients.
You will notice the zero repsonse even on this telkom website.
There are no managers dealing with day to day issues.

I am making this public post just to notify other users.

Telkom you are more than welcome to call me and get the issue resolved.
I have logged over 20 tickets and tried to log disputes which have been open for months now. Zero response.

Telkom once again didnt contact me in any manner and just cancelled my request. 
Then telkom sends me a bill for R4800 when they dont supply me with any form of service. 

This company has collapsed. no longer functions. Stay away.

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Re: Has telkom collapsed?

So someone accused your bussiness of not functioning on your own website and no one bothers to respond for a full business day.
looks like the accusations are 100% true

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Re: Has telkom collapsed?

Just spent 3 hours on the phone with telkom trying to reset a email password.
I have started to advise clients telkom no longer functions provide support.
Move to another ISP if you want service.

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