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Helllloooo Telkom.....Is anybody there????

My landline and ADSL have been out since November 2017 and I logged the service call but still have no service.  I upgraded to Unlimited 4mbps at the same time but did not receive the promised free router or LIT TV box or SIM card.  I have called and emailed but there has been no action.  Yet I receive my account for the full amount.  So I disputed it.  No response.  I tried cancelling my account altogether.  But the cancel form needs to go to a specific email address....which returns the email as the mailbox is full.  This would be laughable if it wasn't so frustrating!


Oh and the 10213 number simply doesn't ever ring.  Always engaged for me. 


So for now, I am just not going to pay my account.  I am so angry that I just don't know what to do.  Any advice out there?

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