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Holding Pool

I have recently installed a landline in order to get uncapped. We have chosen to go with WebAfrica. 

Unfortunately, no one has explained anything to us with regards to the whole process. After going back and forth between Web Africa and Telkom, I was told today that we need to ask Telkom to put our landline into a 'holding pool' for Web Africa to be able to access the line and to transfer it into an ADSL line? Has anyone had experience with this and what is the process like? I am quite frustrated as Web Africa told me that Telkom should be able to do it over the phone and when I phoned Telkom, I was told to email the request to a specific email address and that it would take up to 14 days for a technician / representative to respond. Please advise? I have no experience with this and some assistance would be appreciated. 

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Re: Holding Pool

@GemmaLPThey should be able to assist on the phone.  It is not a simple process, and basically it means that Telkom doesn't make as much revenue from you as they could.  Probably why they are not working hard on making this slick.  14 days sounds ridiculous

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Re: Holding Pool

I was with MWEB but cancelled, now our landline number is apparently in the "holding pool" and we cant use our phone??? How do we get it OUT of the holding pool and just get our normal landline number back?? They say I can do it online but seriously I dont see anywhere I can do that. When I phone 10213 they say phone 10210, then they say do it online. Seriously?? I really dont feel like going into Telkom branch and stand in those ridiculously long que's. I did log a fault and first got a message to say it was "restored" then a second sms saying Your DSL service was suspended as it has been migrated by your previous ISP and are currentlynot linked to any DSL service hence the interruption in serbice. We strongly advise you contact your service provider. Surely MWEB cannot put and take out my landline number from the pool. I just want my landline back. It cant be that difficult can it?? 

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