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Home Setup



Ok. Put your thinking caps on and give me solutions!


Current setup.

  • 4meg ADSL line
  • Unlimited Internet package
  • No phone
  • Modem - Netgear N300 ADSL2+ - 2200 v2
  • ADSL comes into modem - then WIFI to rest of house


  • 2 desktop PC's - always on
  • 1 IPAD - intermittent
  • 3 phones - intermittent. 1 always on


  • It is dog slow - i mean tortoise crawling through molasses slow

Last speed test showing uplink of 0.7 and downlink of 0.87 doNE from one of the PC's over WIFI. Not sure of whats coming into the modem through ADSL.


Cannot deal with that.


I have another modem, an Asus 4G N12. But still using the Netgear for now.


Both modems run on 2.4 frequency so maybe im notgetting the ful effect over WIFI of what is coming into the modem through ADSL.


Please give me suggestions as to what i can do to optimise my setup so i can get as much of the 4meg line as possible.


Im happy i wont get full 4meg but heck gotta be able to do better than less than 1.

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Re: Home Setup

That is pitiful.


I would disconnect everything except for one pc connected via cable & not Wifi. Then do a speed test. If you still have slow speed call Telkom for them to check the line.


You should get a landline phone plugged into an ADSL filter and see (ha ha) if you hear crackling on the line. If so then that's part of your problem my friend. Right now you have too many variables. You have to divide and conquer.


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Re: Home Setup

Have you tried changing your WIFI broadcast channels there could be some interference - run a speed test with a LAN cable in place.

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