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How do I get Telkom to fix my line?

Hi, I would like to ask how to get telkom to fix my line once and for all?


I've already spent over 3 hours in total for the past 2 months calling telkom to follow up on the technicians, asked for updates on faults and requested the technicians to contact us, and the only replies I've even gotten is that 'the fault is currenltly in the remote testing centre' (when I have no connection at all). Consultants been telling me from last week Monday (4 March) that Technicians has been assigned but I've never gotten any updates since.


So the whole story was my telephone line and ADSL line broke on the 16 December, and Telkom fixed it on the 14 January, but the problem is that the technician ended up leaving the replaced cable lying on the floor. It rained the next day so the cable was soaked in the rain causing the speed of the line to drop to 0.3mb and I could barely connect sometimes. Cars were also going over my line, so the line eventually got damaged once again within the week so I had no telephone and internet connection at all. (I sent a fault in when my speed dropped to 0.3mb and no technicians pitched up to pull the cable and attatch it to the poles)


I've logged various of faults since then and Telkom kept closing my fault as fixed everytime after they've remotely tested it. I've managed to get a 3 technicians over to check at my line but they all disappeared on me, one technician promised to have it fixed by the 17 January and the other promised to fix it by the 8 March but I've never heard from either of them again. The last technician came by to try fix and the line on the 2nd of March and disappeared on us again when he promised to come back, 2 days later the fault went back to the remote testing centre again after when I clearly have no connection on the line at all.


The following below are the Reference Numbers that I've logged:





433ARK060219 (The one thats currently open)




I have no wireless connection in my area for every company I've tried, fibre doesn't seem to be coming soon in my area and it is really fustrating to have no internet connection at all  for the past 3 months (well had 0.3mb connection for a week which could hardly open a google page) because their technician left the cable on the floor. I've tried everything I can on my side, so can anyone give me any suggestions as of how I can get them to fix my line. Thanks in Advance~

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Re: How do I get Telkom to fix my line?

Hi, I was hoping I could have the answer cause I'm also waiting for them to fix my line. Been more than a week and the technician who came saw a fault with the cable. 

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Re: How do I get Telkom to fix my line?

They finally fixed my line after 3 months, a technician was kind enough fix it for us which took him around 3 hours to do so, he told me the reason why it took so long with my fault constantly getting closed down was because none of the technicians that came were willing to fix it due to the difficulty of the task. So I guess when it comes to Telkom, it also depends on your luck of which technician is assigned to you :'(

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