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How to Cancel ADSL Data Service



PLEASE PLEASE with tears in my eyes how do you cancel a recurring ADSL Data Bundle on your telkom account? In November 2017 I was told to send an email to servcancellation@telkom.co.za . Which i did. It is now almost March and everytime I phone to cancel it they say I must email and I email and nothing is done? Is there someone at Telkom that can take responsibility for this and cancel this service?

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Re: How to Cancel ADSL Data Service

Post to Twitter


Also try sending emails to 







Did you fill out the cancellation form?

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Re: How to Cancel ADSL Data Service

Unfortunately you need to pitch a tent inside one of their outlets and refuse to leave until it is cancelled. After two days or so they should sort it out

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Re: How to Cancel ADSL Data Service

PLEASE HELP ME ! I was in telkom stores where i was given a cancellation form - filled it in an tried mailing it to the mail adress and fax nr on the form - it was returned failed - all 300 times - after struggeling a week i went back to the store - "Eish maybe you must try the online process " I now tried following your online instructions - There is no CANCELL button anywhere as explained on your step by step guide for adsl - maybe for mobile - but i do not have mobile - i want to cancell my adsl for more than three weekds now - and its not like its working and i get any use of it anyway - Your systems suck - i also phoned to speak to a machine explaining me the same process which aint working - cant even speak to someone - in the store they tell me they arnt allowed to cancell it for me - Please could someone help me out here ( I am tired of fighting and crying ) cant understand how such an orginisation can get away with this and there ia no one accountable for this - and the consumer must keep paying for no service

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Re: How to Cancel ADSL Data Service

We are sitting with the same problem. Have been trying to cancel the ADSL sine middle April due to slow internet and upgraded line speed double the price to other providers and we still have not had any luck. We are now getting frustrated as we can hardly do any work online with the slow line speed.

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