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How to cancel an ADSL contract?!

On moving houses, I decided to cancel my previous line rental with Telkom.


As I needed to visit the store to take out an LTE contract in any case, I thought I would cancel my contract at the same time. I spoke to a consutant in store who arranged a new LTE contract and who assured me that the old line rental had been cancelled, after signing a cancellation form and happliy being on my way (December 2015). 


I was charged via debit order in January 2016 to my surprise, and then again in February. After going back to the Telkom office in Rosebank, I was told that an additional form had to be filled in and emailed to the address specified on the form (servcancellation@telkom.co.za).  I did so on 02/03/2016 and received no receipt whatsoever. I then received an sms a month later stating that the form needed to be sent to cancellations@telkom.co.za. I then sent the forms to this address and was then contacted via phone by a Telkom consultant who confirmed that the contract had been cancelled. 


I have, however, still been charged in March and April, amounting to a total of R1400.  Furthermore, the debit order references have been changed and processed on different days of the month to as not to raise the stop order flags I've sent to my bank. Surely the legality of that is questionable?


How do I actually concel my contract without pullin my hair out?

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Re: How to cancel an ADSL contract?!

@IrateMan - yip and the lack of any receipt is the way in which they hide away ...  I haven't been through this process yet, but I would most definitely insist on something either in writing or at least an email or sms that I can refer to afterwards when this gets ugly.  And it is likely to get ugly before it gets better.  On this forum I have seen people who ended up in fights with lawyers over unpaid invoices and bad debt after cancelling .... it takes forever.  One wonders if it is a strategy, or whether they really are just so bad at admin ?

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