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I cant believe this bad service??!

I have phoned 6x times the past 2 weeks. After going ballistic managed an arrogant manager Lumgelo speak to me and send a poorly escalated inquiry to solve our issue. Regardless to say, nothing came of this. Its been 3x working days. The famous excuse is to state that ‘the query is in progress, the line is still being tested, technician not appointed as yet’. I think this is a script being read from the computer. As more than this these call centre agents can not do. I cant express how frustrating it is to have signed a contract for a 20mbs line but only being able to work on a 1.5mbs line. We work from home and have already lost business, feeling ridiculous to sit at a Mugg and Bean or Wimpy to be able to pay salaries online, as our wireless just don’t cut it. One pays R999 for this a month and then on top of that the first account received is wrongly calculated. I am at my wits end. How can a service provider like this even be allowed on SA soil? You sell a promise and do one in. So this is a resort I will retort to. But will it work? Most probably not. I am typing this from my phone on my Vodacom data bundle. More reliant than you, Telkom. Telkom line 031 568 1225. Poorly escalated reference, amongst others: 1063864
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Re: I cant believe this bad service??!

I too have resorted to honestly despise u guys and wish I never took you up. I really do.
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Re: I cant believe this bad service??!

I empathise with you. I also joined this group to see if there were solutions to the poor resolution of faults and possible working escalation paths. (My problems have been solved in the mean-time but they dropped my one number from the network for two weeks and then 3 of my numbers for two days. I have had a family mad at me for doing Telkom again knowing that they always have problems.)


From looking through past complaints I believe many others are also seeking a platform to be able to assist in getting issues resolved.


The standard response from the administrators of the group is that this is not a complaints forum and there is no-one allocated to assisting to escalate. Their suggestion is that you use facebook or twitter to get help.


I don't do either facebook or twitter. There needs to be a better way to discuss practical soltions to what seems to me a very hit and miss process of resolving issues. I don't understand what sane company would ask their customers to air their dirty laundry on facebook or twitter


Does anyone have any practical suggestions how to escalate issues? I have not found the channels available to be successful. Perhaps we could get one of the facebook/ twitter representatives to assist?


Alternatively are there practical suggestions for Telkom to improve their service?

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Re: I cant believe this bad service??!

Sorry but the simple answer is that you can't polish a turd which is what EVERY SOE run by the ANC has become

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