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I got told there was no infrastructure, whilst standing outside my door, looking at the Telkom line

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So... I got a phonecall today from Telkom after I had ordered my Fixed Line last week 8th of June. Excitedly I answered hoping it was the technician to say "Open the gate, I'm here to run your line"


Bitterly no, it wasn't, it was however a very sweet girl informing me that unfortunately there is no infrustructure for a fixed line in my area...


At this point I laughed as I said "That's Impossible"! But she was however being very serious... I then proceeded to inform her "My dear, it is impossible that there is no infrastructure for Telkom, for 2 reasons, a) There are 3 businesses all around me that infact do have Fixed lines with internet, and b) I'm standing at my back door looking at your exchange and your pole" The poor darling then asked me for the telephone numbers of these businesses which I gave her, and then told me "Sir these numbers are not even in your area"!?

"And in which area am I"? I asked...

"Loop Street, Rustenburg" She replied

"Yes, I did infact live in Loop street, 5 years ago, have since moved, and no this fixed line is definitely not for Loop street, RUSTENBURG!" I commented


If there is anyone out there that could assist me with Telkoms procedures regarding FIxed lines now? my Order number is 143024088, the address in question is ***removed***


Thank you 

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