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I have been told my fault has been escalated to urgent but I sense no urgency from Telkom

I have had no internet connection and a noisy telephone line for since the 31st of January.


My initial fault was closed within a week of it being reported and said that the problem was resolved even though nothing had changed and someone opened a new fault. On the 9th of Febuary someone was finaly sent out to check the problem, all he did wasd check for noise on the line then told us the copper cables are probably broken, then he left. Since then nothing has changed. I have called the help center multiple times and everytime i have been told that my fault is being esculated to urgent yet nothing has been done for two weeks now! 


How do I get someone at telkom to fix my lines?


landline: 0126651113

fault number: 282CTK070218 and 201CTK310118

ecsulation number?: 1071390


All i want to know is an ETA on my lines being fixed?

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