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I need my data usage per month on UNCAPPED line

i have several devives connected to my telkom wifi router. I have a uncapped bundle. How do i get my data usage information before they send me the " you have exceeded the 100G Limit " message and then throttle you?

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Re: I need my data usage per month on UNCAPPED line

I would also like to know. So far, all I could figure out, is that they can give you an itemised billing per day, but it still does not show which device used how much data and on what. How do we know they are not lying to us?


It indicated I used 30 gig in one day, one day!!! on a day that I was at worok during the day. We do not download **bleep**, we do not play online games, the most we do is netflix. How much do you have to netflix for 30 gig to go in a day???



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