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Impossible to upgrade to 20 MB Line

I'm at the point where I want to cancel my Telkom line.


Ive been upgraded twice from a 10 Meg line (adsl) to a 20 Meg line just to be automatically downgraded shortly there after.


After spending hours on the phone nobody can see any upgrade on my line. When i asked for a reference nr each time i was told

no to worry as everything is on record. I logged a fault on the 27th Dec and got a call now stating that im only on a 10 Meg line.


What more must i do..they upgrade me and then downgrade me...with no evidence.  My line was tested and can do 20 Megs.

Lte not available yet...


This is so rediculous!!!

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Re: Impossible to upgrade to 20 MB Line

There is hope after all.


A Techincian phoned me now stating there is a problem with the line and they will sort it out asap.


Thanks Joss

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Re: Impossible to upgrade to 20 MB Line

Confirm if this a ADSL 20 or VDSL 20. A VDSL modem can do ADSL but not vice-versa.


Telkom sold us a VDSL 20 but we only have an ADSL modem. We were without Internet for THREE WEEKS. Eventually we went back to ADSL10Mbps!

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