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Increased Sync Speed

I recently noticed an increase in latency on my line, especially when gaming. Normally I would have 30-40ms in game but it started spiking to 150-300 to local servers. I asked for a port reset a few times and it seemed to help a bit but the lag would always return at some point. Last night I noticed that my line is now syncing at 12476 kbps which is definitely higher than it was before.  It is a 10meg line but with the increased sync speed, speed test results have gone from about 9.4 to 9.7 which is nice. However, if it is causign the line to be unstable I would rather switch back to 10,240 kbps sync speed. Is this possible/recommeneded?



XDSL Stats:

Actual rate (up)1020 kbps
Actual rate (down)12476 kbps
Data transfered (sent)0 kB
Data transfered (received)0 kB
Output power (up)11.1 dBm
Output power (downstream)18.3 dBm
Line attenuation (up)11.1 dBm
Line attenuation (downstream)28.7 dB
Noise margin (up)9.8 dB
Noise margin (downstream)11.5 dB
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Re: Increased Sync Speed

Thats where my line speeds have gone to Smiley Sad


My 10mb syncs at 6MB, so consider yourself lucky

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Re: Increased Sync Speed

@timminata Your line is being proactively managed by our ASSIS DSMS system. It periodically Optimizes (PO) your line attempting to find the best performance. It does switch you to Interleaved latency that adds a max of 32ms onto your ping, however packet loss is greatly reduces becuase it bundles and verifies packets before sending causing a more stable data stream. PO can take a week or 2 while is measure and records your line performance, and thereafter it periodically checks your line. ASSIA does not cause the line to be unstable, that would still be a line fault and then needs to be reported.

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