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Integrated Data Sim - No Internet



I have an integrated data sim linked to my ADSL account which is in a Wi-Fi router. For the past few days, there is no internet connection available.


So it connects to the network, but no internet / browsing is possible. There is also more than ample top up data available.


I have had no success with assitance from the call centre as at this point I am sent between fixed line and mobile departments with no answers.


Does anybody have suggestions?


Many Thanks

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Re: Integrated Data Sim - No Internet

Hi, no answer, just some info from my situation:


I've got 2 mi-fi routers (3G Huawei E5330) linked to IDS (100GB softcap fibre) which are working OK.

I purchased a 3rd (4G Huawei E5573) on Thursday this week plus the SIM. This will not connect to the internet, although if I put one of the old SIM's in, then it works OK, so the problem lies in the registration of the new SIM in Telkom's records

I logged a call with Telkom, who have escalated the problem. It appears they need to remove the SIM from the mobile side and add it to the IDS account, which you would think would be a simple excercise, but alas it would appear not.


I assume you've double checked the settings in the router itself and that they have not changed?

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Re: Integrated Data Sim - No Internet

I have the same problem. It is all about getting a SIM card added as a TI mobile device. You can only do this on the Telkom Self Help web site if you have an UNREGISTED  SIM card  which you cannot get from any Telkom Shop. If you do get one, then the web site says just enter the SIM card ICCID number and it will all work. But you cannot do it neither it seems that nobody at Telkom can do it either

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