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Integrated Data Sim Not Working

I have checked the site for people with the same problem as me but I can't find a thread with the same issue. 


I have had my Telkom Fibre line for about a year now and I'm loving it! I have been trying to get my Integrated Data Sim to work for about 8 months and I'm losing my mind! 


I have been to the local Hillcrest Telkom store regarding this issue 5 times and then when they finally told me they couldn't help I was told to try the Pavilion Telkom store, which I did. I have had multiple Sim swaps, the APN settings have been checked many times and still nothing is working. 


Please, if anyone is able to help with this problem I would be very grateful! 


Kind regards


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Re: Integrated Data Sim Not Working

Hi @xMATTx, can you send me a private message with your service number, contact number and details of the SIM like the ICCID number on the SIM etc... I will attempt to have a technical team look into this.

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