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Integrated data Night surfer data

Hi guys


My adsl line has been off for a week now, so i got an integrated data sim. And its working fine, Thanx telkom this is great.


What i want to know, im on 100gb softcap. Does free nighsurfer data apply for the sim, and is it unlimited. If so, is there a fair usage policy, and how much would that be on my 100gb softcap deal?


I cant seem to find the terms and conitions of the data sim online

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Re: Integrated data Night surfer data

I wanna know as well, thinking of maybe switching to one of the softcap sim bundles. How does the whole night surfing work? it hardly explains this section.

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Re: Integrated data Night surfer data

If you go to the store they gonna tell you that they giving you 2Gb from your 100Gb which means youll be left with 98gb,unlike us thats on uncapped packages the sim seems also its stays on 2gb...i asked the lady in store and she told me that because im on uncapped the system picks the sim as a uncapped beacause i have no softcap data...about night sufer it also apply to the sims which means its also free for you
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Re: Integrated data Night surfer data

No ways, it will be deducted trust me! When there is doubt, dont bend over in the process. Youll be shagged.
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Re: Integrated data Night surfer data

@Eugene79, cant really complain now? You getting a free SIM with a whole stack of mobile data. Suppose we would all need to check if the Night Surfer works the same as on ADSL.  --> Addons

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