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Integrated data SIM Activation


can anyone tell me if there is a problem with the customer portal as when i try and activate my SIM i get an error saying " THE SERVICE IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE". 

i went into a telkom shop and they told me they do not do activations, i was also told to email 10210@telkom.co.za but i have not recieved any feedback


if telkom had competition they would go out of business, service is non existent 

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Re: Integrated data SIM Activation

Still not sorted out my internet wifi can someone assist
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Re: Integrated data SIM Activation

I am sitting with the same problem. I think it is a scam of Telkom that tells you you get 2 GB mobile data. I got 2 GB wi-fi data. When I spoke to some Telkom call centers that it is what you get they say. Bloody crooks.

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