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Intermittent/Frequent Disconnection

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I've been a Telkom user for almost 4 years now. I have this problem where my internet connects and disconnects frequently. Sometimes it's pretty stable, but most of the time it disconnects 5-10 times an hour. It is impossible to play online and download large files.


I have contacted Telkom many times (over the 4 years) and even received a message saying it's fixed, but to no avail.


I stay in Crosby, Johannesburg. What can I do? And is anyone else experiencing the same issues?


Ironically, it happened when I tried to post this.Man Frustrated

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Re: Intermittent/Frequent Disconnection

@USM there is most likely still a fault on your line. Sometimes finding the fault is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. There could be multiple issues on the copper line from the exchange to your house, and it is a process of elimination, so keep reporting faults, they will eventually find the culprit.

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Re: Intermittent/Frequent Disconnection



Save yourself a lot of frustration with Telkom Service. Get an ADSL modem from somebody and replace it immediately and let it run for atleast 3-4 days to establish confidence. Oh by the way what make of ADSL modem are you currently using ???. I have now had 2 ADSL modems pull this trick on me and believe you me it drove myself and Telkomup the wall because mine Internet was dropping every 18-20 minutes. One other thing you could also do is to reset your modem to defaults by pressing the reset button. But please remember to make a note of the SSID for the wifi and also your Internet Service providers Internet connect username and password. VERY VERY IMPORTANT  Before you press any reset buttons !!!!!!!!!  LET ME KNOW. I COULD POSSIBLY HELP IF YOU CANNOT FIND A LOCAL IT TECH TO HELP YOU.


Send me a private message and then we could chat.


I endeavor to assist in application of Computer technology where ever I can assist.
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Re: Intermittent/Frequent Disconnection

I'm having the same issue. At first Telkom said that the issue was due to me living too far from the exchange and that a 10MB line would not be stable (3.5km from exchange - yet they still sold the product to me).


I then dropped the line speed to 8MB and now to 6MB and still having intermittent connectivity. 


Dunno what's going on. I'm using a new Huawei Telkom router as well (well its identical to the Telkom branded router but not a Telkom router). Smiley Happy 


Any ideas?

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Re: Intermittent/Frequent Disconnection



I also have a problem with the above subject, reported numerous times. Since the debits go off promtly out of my account, I would have expected the same prompt response. Many techs have come same old response everything works fine. I asked the tech to test the modem or leave a loan modem to see if the problem disapears but to no avail. Please I want the problem fixed, the tech must not leave until the problem disappears.

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