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International & Local Speeds are SLOW / DEAD!

Hello community

I work form home for an international company and with the current state of my line, it is impossible to do anything.
So lets start at the beginning.
For about 2 weeks (in april) I had intermitant internet, phoned in, logged a fault and a technicain came out to assist with the matter which was solved.
However since then I have had to phone in just about every 2nd to 3rd day to report slow local connection. They resynce my line and its back to normal. 

Speed Test.jpg
Thats my local connection and im on a 10mb line which I am paying for.

Now every night at around 11pm (remember I work for an over sea's company) my international connection goes right down the drain.
Here are some examples of how bad the ping is:
cmd Test.jpgHeroes Ping.jpgSpeed Test International.jpg

This is unacceptable!
My line used to be perfect no matter what time of day it was. 
So far it has taken them 2 weeks to "fix" this problem which has still not been corrected and is still being worked on!

So community and moderators, I leave it up to you now.
maybe someone here can help me with my problem or assist on the matter.
Please, this has gone on for way to long now!

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Re: International & Local Speeds are SLOW / DEAD!

Hi Bolin

Could you do a tracert (Trace Route for me?), and post it here?




Unca Paul


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Re: International & Local Speeds are SLOW / DEAD!

@Bolin, I agree with @UncaPaul, please post a Tracert here so that we can see which hop has the increase in latency. This problem might just be outside the Telkom network. Also, what speed line do you use and who is your ISP?

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