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Internet Performance VERY erratic and sluggish


Since yesterday afternoon, Thursday 22 Feb 2018, my internet performance has been erratic and very sluggish. I have, rebooted my laptop, cleared browser caches, rebooted the router - same thing. One minute its fine, the next you just wait.


I'm trying to do online training but it's impossibe. And every time I call 10210 the line is busy.


Anyone else have issues? Any one found a way to do a port reset themselves? 


Maybe it's time to dump fibre, which I suspect is now completely over subscribed in my area, and revert to copper.



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Re: Internet Performance VERY erratic and sluggish

Hi @G_TKom,


I've seen reports of lightning damage to routers causing this sort of thing although they'll still work erratically. Perhaps try testing with another router /modem - if connectivity still bad on another device then you probably need a tech to check the line . You can log a fault online,  or by email to support@telkom.co.za ( include a couple of speed tests  with full details of the issue).


Apparently only Telkom tech dept. can do port resets, but if you have to do repeated resets I understand underlying issues may keep coming back.   (I found early a.m. best time to call 10210 ).


Hope this helps - good luck.

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Re: Internet Performance VERY erratic and sluggish

For info, the call centre agent I eventually got through to on Monday supplied an interesting snippet of information. 


According to the agent the following procedure will force a port reset. I cannot confim this one way or another:

* On the router, remove the cable that comes from the fibre modem

* Power off the router

* Wait a brief period, she said 5 seconds in the past I've been told 30 seconds

* Plug back in the cable from the fibre modem

* Power back on the router


My connection is running much better now, but I 'm not convinced this solved it. The symptom of some sites being find and others being slow doesn't fit

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Re: Internet Performance VERY erratic and sluggish

Hi Same problem! My internet works for 3 minutes and then shuts off for 3 minutes. Then it works for four minutes and shuts off. This has been going on for 1 month. Should I just cancel Fibre?

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Re: Internet Performance VERY erratic and sluggish

Hi -- I am having a similar problem. The internet comes on for 3 minutes and then it goes off for 3 minutes. Basically no way to get continued internet service. Its completely insane and driving me up the wall. How do I resolve it? I have fibre

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Re: Internet Performance VERY erratic and sluggish



I wish I could guide you...  There are so many factors:

  • The fibre connectiion itself
  • The fibe modem
  • The router - WiFi device into which the fibre modem connects
  • Are you using Wåi-Fi of cable on your computer?
  • Are you running Windows or Linux or an Apple?

Seriously, issues on anyone of these would could be the problem. Did you have a working stable ADSL which you upgraded to fibre?


Some things you can try when it's disconnectedL

This will help confirm that:

  1. Your PC can see the router
  2. Your PC can accesss the internet
  3. Your PC can resolve (determine) the IP address from DNS
  4. Your PC can access a network other than telkomsa.net


I fixed some of my problems by changing the default DNS (Domain Name Servers) - see DNS Lookup Failures



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