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Internet light off on router, cannot connect to the internet

please can anyone assist

the internet light on my Huawei router went off yesterday with no internet connection. i've turned off and on and done both hard and soft resets. still internet light does not come on and i cannot connect to the internet. all other lights on the router are on ie. power, adsl and wlan. i've also taken my router to a friends place to test and the router connects and works fine. i've also contacted telkom regarding the issue and was told that there could be an issue at the exchange server to my line which a tech will have to attend to. they've given me a ref number which they, after i checked, have closed as resolved. nothing has been resolved. Ref: 572291488. i have logged another call with them. i did come across a post somewhere about someone with the same issue which was sorted because of an authentication issue at the exchange, where an email was simply sent to the exchange they were linked to and within a couple of hours they had internet again. could this be the solution. someone please help, as even telkom support is still trying to figure this issue out. thanks.

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Re: Internet light off on router, cannot connect to the internet

paying an arm and a leg for this service and telkom takes forever to sort out these kinds of issues!!!!

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Re: Internet light off on router, cannot connect to the internet


Hi @tyrone


If it’s a Telkom DSL modem on a new contract or upgrade try calling 10210 again and ask for a port reset . Specify the router model & tell them you tested the router succesfully  from another line. Also ask to confirm the router’s correctly configured & authenticated for your home connection. 


A new contract or upgrade may have been activated but not yet updated between Telkom departments , and/or  your Telkom password might be changed. 


Hope you get sorted soon.

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