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Internet problem

I have been experiencing issues with my ADSL for a while now. I have had technicians at the home I got an IT company out to assist me in redoing my network at home. I even went and purchased a new modem. I have asked for them to install fibre but we don't have it available in Villieria Pretoria. I understand that i am quite far from the exchange but now again my line is a problem. Sync @ 200kb and where the max I can enjoy apparently is 10mbps.

I feel that this problems have been going on for quite a long time. Looking back I almost have a anniversary for this issue coming up. Nearly a year of this issue.

Please telkom if the issue Is the old lines please just come and install fibre. U guys keep fixing the line and a short while after that we back to square 1.

Please can u help me I have exhausted all avenues in getting better service and it feels like I'm just being ignored.
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